Keeping Warm


Tea is a universal beverage which warms the body, heart and mind.  It is strange how in the winter a cup of tea can warm a person and during a hot day it seems to cool a person.


Then there are the different methods of making tea.  The strength of the tea is very personal.  The variety of tea perhaps depends on the time of day.  Now one can have an infusions of fruit teas. In Ireland, some people have their preferred brand of tea.

Tea is such a personal taste. In the morning my preferred tea is an Irish Breakfast Tea. It has a strong definite taste and I have a preferred brand – “Lyons Breakfast Tea”. Much of the tea would be grown in plantations in Kenya and Indonesia for this particular brand.

There are many ways, to make tea but it all starts with boiling hot water.  It is so essential that the water is boiled and the tea infused immediately to allow the flavour to develop.

But how to keep the tea warm for that second or third cup?  At home I have a tea cosy which surrounds the teapot leaving the handle and spout free for pouring.  It was one of my earliest quilting projects long before tea became part of my every day.

My sister prefers a tea cosy which covers the entire pot and is lifted off to pour the tea.   A friend prefers a knitted tea cosy as she firmly believes that it is the only way of keeping the tea at the correct temperature.

Now my friend Christl, who lives in Wurzburg,  Franconia in Germany uses a totally different method.  Once the tea has been made in the tea kettle, it is placed on a trivet containing a tea light.  This keeps the tea at the perfect temperature.  It is an amazing utensil and so very practical.

It is called “Stovchen” in German.



Perhaps this will be my new method for keeping tea at just the correct temperature? Thank you Christl.

Another Eatery

It is lovely when one finds an eatery with welcoming staff, airy room, an engaging menu and food which lives up to expectations.

While spending a few days in Waterford on the south coast of Ireland I came across such a place.  It is in Waterford city, beside the Medieval Museum and housed in the Bishop’s Palace Museum.

It is a small eatery with seating for approximately 25 patrons.  On entering one is greeted with a friendly hello.  Unlike so many places the food is ordered at the table.

I was there one Sunday morning.  Only twenty minutes after opening and we were lucky to get a table.  It sat snugly into the window.  The food on the menu was wide and varied.  While perusing the menu a jug of water was provided by a friendly waitress.

I decided on French Toast with tea, while my companion settled on American Style pancakes with coffee.  The breakfast arrived accompanied by a separate serving for each of us of fruit salad.  The maple syrup came in a jug and not randomly pored over the breakfast as so often happens.  My companion’s pancakes were light and fluffy.

We were both very impressed with the Bishop’s Palace Café and would totally recommend it.