The Sun and Me


The sun shines on a nose with a glow

Long endless hot nights wishing for snow.

Hibernating away from the heat

Cooling off those blistered feet.

Never ending weeding

And all day sneezing

That is what bloody sun means to me.


Friendships Are Hard Work.

 “Everyone is busy, and life happens. I have learnt you have got to text people when you think of them. A simple “thinking of you” text can go a long way.” Rob Lowe


Since I have stopped paper crafting, I have found that I have not been keeping up with friendships in the way I used to.  Very often, I would be making a greetings card and suddenly a friend would pop into my head and with the help of my husband, who always remembers to post items, the card would find its destination.

Very often a friend would pop into my head and I am in the middle of doing something so I often say, “I must ring Mary/Isolde…when I am finished”.  And what happens?  Yes, you are correct, I totally forget.

Now you may say that friendship is a two-way system, and of course it is.  However, the interaction must start somewhere, so why not with me?

I was trying to work out how I could put a stop to “I will ring/text later” thoughts while sipping a cuppa on the back door step early this morning.  My initial response was to set up a time and then send a text to friends on a rota system.  Firstly, I am not that organised (I used to be).  Secondly, it feels very contrived.

While watching the garden birds and mentally organising the back garden with bikes  overflowing with flowers, buckets with herbs and walls with climbing plants it suddenly hit me.  I always have a notebook and pen on me no matter where I am or what I am doing.  So why not note down the name and in the evening when reading through my notes I will be thus be able to send a text or a note.  Which reminds me I have a few emails to send……names for emails in my notebook.

Like everything which is important to us there is a need to review how we do it.  There is a need to review how we nurture and develop.  Friendships are important no matter how long they last for.  They need nudging but more important than anything they need active work.

My note books are becoming even more important in the nurturing friendships.  I had always looked on Skype, video calls or face to face calls as tools for those who have family who may live thousands of miles away or for work.  Perhaps this is another way for nurturing friendships……


In what way are you going to nurture your friendships?

Those Little Irritations

Do you have a pet hate?  You know what I mean, that little something which just aggravates?  Now I am not talking about major hates that just is a waste of energy.

No I am talking a bout those little niggles.  Perhaps it is those Blonde jokes or those Paddy jokes.  Perhaps it is someone chewing gum with their mouth open.  Perhaps it is someone pronouncing your name incorrectly.  Perhaps it is someone wish you “happy holidays” instead of “Happy Christmas”. T hey are not major things just annoyances.

Well one of mine is to do with Saint Patrick’s Day.  As most people are aware, March 17th is Saint Patrick’s Day which celebrates one of the national saints of Ireland. It is a national holiday here and it is celebrated worldwide. The day itself is known as St. Patrick’s Day or Paddy’s Day but NEVER EVER Patty’s Day.  The reason why is rather simple.  A patty is a piece of minced or ground meat mixed with seasoning and fried😂      ( it tastes very nice).

Then I came across this today and it says it all

No photo description available.

May I wish you a very Happy St. Patrick’s Day wherever you may be.

Did I Really Miss It?

How did I miss it?   August 9th was National Book Lovers Day.  I mean I love books, adore reading, have some perfect places in which to read.  I have the snuggler for when it is cold and of course have the tea-tray with all the accoutrements for the perfect cuppa.

So how did I miss it?  i totally forgot to note it on my calendar!!

If you are a book lover I hope you enjoyed your day.  I hope you had time to read.  I hope you enjoyed the book.  I hope you are enjoying your reading if you are still reading your book.

What book do you have on hand?  At the moment, I am reading a series of books by P. F. Ford.  They are a British Police detective series and which I am thoroughly enjoying.



Where My Books Go

By W.B.Yeats


All the words that I utter,

And all the words that I write,

Must spread out their wings untiring,

And never rest in their flight

Till they come where your sad, sad heart is,

And sing to you in the night,

Beyond where the waters are moving

Storm-darkened or starry bright.


I don’t know about you, but I have the habit of noting down sayings, adages or words which evoke a response.   It may be years months or days before I reread them or even remember them.   Then there are the quotes which keep on appearing in various reading locations.

I found the following quote when I found a journal buried in the bottom of my Christmas fabric box.   The quote I had written on the first page, but I had also found it written on numerous other pages in the same journal.   Obviously, it had resonated with me years ago and it is really resonated with me today.

Don’t let others define you.

Don’t let the past confine you.

Take charge of your life with confidence and determination.

There are no limits to what you can do or be.

(Michael Josephson)

Can you imagine what a world we would have if we could instil this into our young people?   Can you imagine what the next generation could achieve?  However, I believe that this idea is something any person could take on board at any stage of their life.   That this quote could enhance the quality of anyone’s life.

I really like the line; “take charge of your life with confidence and determination”.   Wow that is so powerful.   Taking charge of my life is something I have been trying to do but to do it with confidence, now wouldn’t that be something else.

Confidence grows with accomplishments.   Instead of setting impossible goals I have set goals which I know I can achieve.   In fact, this year on reflection I have set and achieved numerous goals.   And yes, my confidence has grown in the sense that I know that I can accomplish goals which are important to me and not to anyone else.

I do not need others to endorse what I have achieved but with every goal achieved the confidence which leads to the determination to set more goals.   Personal goals have ignited passions within me and together with the determination I have scrapped some goals.   And that is liberating.

Sometimes we may set goals based on what others think they should be rather than being true to ourselves and the goals which we know are good for us.   Sometimes we need to have the confidence and determination to listen to our inner voice and ignore those who really don’t know what ignites our passion.  “Don’t let others define you”.

Sometimes it is difficult to let go of the goals which were set 20, 30 even 40 years ago.   I have found  the goals of years ago which I had  set but had not achieved had been hanging around me like this big ball and chain.   This year I realised that one goal in particular was not going to define me.   I actually admitted to myself that I had felt a failure for not having achieved it.   However , on reflection I realised that it hadn’t really been my goal but instead I had thought that it should be and it would give me a sense of worth.   The relief of finally saying that I didn’t need to take on someone elses goal was immense.  It was also liberating.

It is good to set goals but it is even more rewarding when the goals are one’s we set for ourselves and follow through with confidence.  Sometimes as we grow older we forget that goals are not just for the young.  Setting personal goals keeps us going. It adds spice to our lives and enriches our lives.





Ironing During Summer Hibernation

So, it’s official Ireland is in the middle of a Heatwave.   Temperatures reached 30C yesterday.   Now this hasn’t happened in a long time.   So many young people in Ireland have not experienced a long period of dry weather never mind a heat wave.

Still the chores needed to be done.   The mound of ironing had morphed into a mountain and the world cup was calling to me so ironing in front of the TV worked well.

That was until the final scores when Senegal were knocked out of the tournament.   They had played well although yesterday their finishing let them down.   I was delighted that Japan had got through.

I then watched the Japan v Poland match.   What a shock to see so-called professional footballers passing the ball to one another with no attempt to play it in the oppositions half for a full 15 minutes.   It was obvious that the teams had decided, that if the score remained as it was with Poland having won by a single goal, then Japan would go through to the final 16 and there was no need to actually play football.

How dare these so-called professionals do this?  Do they not know, that their supporters would have had to save for perhaps a year to travel and purchase tickets for the World Cup?  Do their supporters not deserve to see their national team playing until the final whistle?  I would have been ashamed if the Irish Republic’s team had played in such a manner.

Thank goodness I didn’t scorch any clothes while I ranted and raved.   But it was a very disappointing way to end a football match no matter what the reason.



I am not a summer person.  I think I spend more time inside during the summer than at any other time of the year.  This year has been so warm that I have hibernated and enjoyed my hibernation.  Books, books and more books interspersed with football, rugby and the odd film.  The anticipation of Wimbledon and the World Cup followed by the Tour de France it is just a pleasure to hibernate.


Now, I do have to admit that there are some lovely aspects to a dry hot summer.  It is wonderful to be able to sit out in the garden in the evening with sun gone and the air still warm.  It is wonderful to be able to go for a walk in the evening without having to carry an umbrella or coat.  No need to plan for those showers of rain.


A sound which epitomises Summer for me is the sound of bees. There is a hedge in the back garden which attracts the bees. It is covered in tiny flowers at the moment and the bees just swarm around it. There is also woodbine in the hedge and the sound of bees is just magical.


Honey Bee

This photo was taken by my husband John showing a honey bee in the garden hedge.


However, what I enjoy the most is being able to wash the clothes, peg them out and know that they will be dry in a few hours.  There is a different smell from clothes which have dried in the air.  And what about getting those duvets dried? Sheer bliss.  A little piece of heaven when folding those winter duvets after drying in the sun.  That smell of sunshine seems to linger.

background blue close up clothes
Photo by Lukas on


Just one word of warning, if you are washing pillows please check that no minute tears have mysteriously formed before washing pillows.  I did not take adequate time to check and ended up with an empty pillow and a washing machine full of fibres.  Such is life.


So yes, I suppose I do enjoy summer but in my own way which perhaps is not the norm.  then again  who says what is the norm? Enjoy your day wherever you may be.