It is lost

Today is National Handwriting Day in some countries.

I love journaling but enjoy it all the more using a fountain pen. Yes, the old fashioned way.

Today I took out one of my journals to do a little scribbling only to remember that my favourite piece of writing equipment was lost.  I had lost my fountain pen, which had been given to me by a friend to celebrate my 60th.

Do you ever come across a pen where the weight is just right, nib just perfect and it manages to make one’s scrawl actually legible. Well that was my fountain pen which had made its way from Wurzburg in Germany.

I found this morning that I was absolutely lost without it. My journal was suddenly a book of blank spaces rather than an invitation to share my thoughts with me. The words escaped me.

Each pen seemed awkward in my hand. Too big, too small, too heavy too light. Incorrect ink in others. Not enough ink in another. As for the biro?  No, a definite no.




I know a fountain pen is just an essential part of my day. So, now I will have to plan fountain pen purchasing day.



1 thought on “It is lost

  1. I write like a doctor…but I have an excellent excuse with peripheral neuropathy!

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