Christmas throughout the world is linked to traditions.   These traditions may be within a religion, within a family within a community.   Traditions are what we talk about when describing Christmas.

Traditions are wonderful but the development of traditions is equally important.   Keeping the kernel of the tradition then slightly changing it.   It is good for those traditions to get a facelift now and then.

The  Christmas we know stems from the Christian celebration of the birth of Christ, the tradition of showing the peace of Christ to those around is still very visible today.

Many who are not Christians have embraced Christmas and in so doing have extended the Christmas traditions.   Because so many people celebrate Christmas in far flung corners of the world traditions have become worldwide.   Many were exported through emigration and have been modified depending on location and temperature.

So, by tweeking our traditions the essence of Christmas still remains although to some it may be a tradition just taken too far. I am glad that some of the traditions which I experienced as a child I have been able to experience with my family and pass on.

It is Christmas Eve. Twenty years ago it was a day completing the last minute preparations before visiting friends. then home to make the sausage rolls. Christmas eve has become a more relaxed day, a stroll, picking up fresh vegetables but sausage roll making is still part of Christmas Eve.

Changes are an inevitable part of life but the essence of Christmas can still remain, perhaps in a different way, but only if we want it to remain.

Wishing you the peace of Christmas.



4 thoughts on “Traditions

  1. Nice piece Nóilín. I like the idea of baking sausage rolls on Christmas Eve. Not one I have experienced myself. It sounds very relaxing.


  2. That is wonderful. Guess what I am about to make before I jump into bed (crawl more like it) SAUSAGE ROLLS. Merry Christmas.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Nollaig shona duit. Happy Christmas


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