Environmentally Unfriendly? Really?

I am now sorely tired with the way the concept of sending Christmas cards is being hit on the head by those  who have decide it is environmentally unfriendly.

I used to be a paper crafter and started off over twenty years ago using cereal boxes, inside of envelopes among other things to make and decorate greeting cards.

Re using has just been part of life as it is for many people. Birthday cards were re used as were Christmas cards.   Dried flowers form the garden were used. Paper was stitched to make a design for the front. Friendships were formed through the exchange of ideas. Mental health was improved.

The idea of posting cards was to keep in touch with people: to let someone know that they were special. The card was handmade, thought went into the making of the card, the insert was invariably a poem I had written and then it was posted which involved going to and using a community lifeline which is being gradually eroded – the post office.

Then, there is that special opportunity when one is privileged to be a parent to see one’s child making a Christmas card. Ok there is a mess, but it is a wonderful magical mess that gives a lifetime memory.

To this day, there is something special about receiving a card which someone has taken the time to choose and write.  Many’s the time when I have heard the rattle of the letter box, usually when things have not been going too well , only to find that I have received a card  which said, “just a note to say hello”.

Before someone says “don’t send Christmas cards” can one please stop for just one minute and remember a few things. A card can mean the recipient doesn’t feel isolated. A card can mean that the paper crafter is mentally healthier through using their craft. A card can mean that a charity has benefitted through the purchase of that handmade card. The postal service is being used.  Finally, please remember that not all cards are mass produced in some far-off factory but in fact are unique works of art and thought. 


5 thoughts on “Environmentally Unfriendly? Really?

  1. Indeed. ❤️❤️❤️


  2. Well said. Without a doubt we could treat our planet better but I think we should be careful casting the first stone. All of the first world use too much of everything from toilet paper to cars. I just received a beautiful Christmas card from a mental health client from 30 years ago. She went to the trouble of picking it out and sending it overseas with a lovely handwritten note inside. I was so happy to hear from her via the card and always reciprocate.

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  3. Great post. I enjoy Christmas cards. An electronic card isn’t the same by any wild stretch of the imagination.


    1. Thank you for taking the time to comment. My cards are ready to hit the post.

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