“Special Occasion”?


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I came across the above image and immediately it reminded me of something which was said to me by a wonderful friend over thirty years ago on handing over a Christmas present.   She said that the present was to be used now and not for another day.  If, however, I didn’t like it to pass it on to someone I knew who would use it.   She reminded me again about using and living in the now.

My friend has since died but on seeing her photo a few weeks ago I started looking at “things” in the house.   I realised that so many of those “things” had been put away for an occasion which hadn’t come.

Although I would do a clear out on a regular basis there have been some areas where I just couldn’t do it because of feeling disloyal to the people who had spent time and hard-earned money on purchasing a present for me or for the family.


I started on a dresser which housed glass and delph ware.   I took everything out and I remembered those people who had given me the items.   However, I made some difficult decisions about which items I would keep, and which would be donated to charity shops or offered to friends.  In actively remembering those people I found that it was ok to find a new home for those “things”.

What I have been left with are items I use each and every year and have become part of the fabric of our family.

So, one item of furniture sorted now onto the others



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4 thoughts on ““Special Occasion”?

  1. I really enjoyed this post and it resonated. With great reluctance I have cleared out my Nana’s walnut glass cabinet and will re-home some of my silver plate pieces. I hate cleaning silver, even worse than the brass, so it just upset me seeing them not gleaming. We have no children and our parents are dead so someone else will enjoy a British piece in a Texas antique store.


    1. Thank you for taking the time to comment. Yes, the thought of someone else enjoying one of “our” pieces really does help in letting go.


  2. Always difficult to get rid of gifted items. I have slowly been giving items to my children and if they don’t want them I then take them to the thrift shops.

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    1. Thank you for the comment. That is a good idea.

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