Summer Solstice

“Pooh to the rescue” I thought as I wrapped my hands around an early cuppa. It was neither night nor day. There was the tantalizing hint of the approach of a sunrise, but the chill still lingered.  Snuggled under the “Pooh” quilt I sat on the back step aware of the beauty of a new day about to start.


Each and every sunrise is an absolute gift but for some reason to celebrate the sunrise on the Summer Solstice and the Winter Solstice is really very special. Snuggled under the warmth of a quilt I was reminded of all those who have made such an impact on my life.

Letting my mind wander I remembered past solstices and those who had been part of my life. Some are still part of my life; others were only there for a short time while others who have died are still in my heart. Then there are those whom I have met since the last solstice and I am so thankful for each and every one.

I was soon rudely awakened from my musings by a swarm of raucous sea gulls. Honestly, who would need an alarm clock with the noise of those gulls. Then, as if their cries were a call to arms out came the crows and rooks. I am sure you have heard of the dawn chorus well this was the dawn uproar. The distant noise of the M11 was totally obliterated.

It was time to get indoors but I got side-tracked by a bike. It was actually looking well on the wall and at least it was getting more use there than when it was abandoned in the shed.



That floral display actually looks well. I have listened to friends talking about the joy of gardening. Of how it can be therapeutic. Of how it can absorb one and make one feel less stressed. I have always seen gardening as a chore. Give me a basket of ironing any day of the week rather than having to do gardening…

Two friends Peggy and Claire have gradually been doing their magic on me. Peggy has been very encouraging and always notices if the garden is looking well and if there is a new plant coming along. Claire encouraged me to choose plants which appeal to me. Perhaps it is the foliage which appeals as has generally been the case for me. However, this year she brought me to a plant market where we walked around, and I had to choose plants based on colour. So, the bike is down to these two ladies. Perhaps there is some merit to this gardening lark. Perhaps……..


2 thoughts on “Summer Solstice

  1. The garden bike is beautiful!


    1. Thank you for taking the time to comment. I enjoy seeing the bike hanging on the wall.

      Liked by 1 person

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