World Poetry Day


With world Poetry Day in mind I thought I would share some poems which I have recently come across.  World Poetry Day is 20 years old.  One of its aims is to celebrate linguistic diversity.

During my school days we had to learn poetry by rote.  It was something I could never manage and dreaded being asked to recite.

Choosing Shoes

by Frida Wolfe

New shoes, new shoes,
Red and pink and blue shoes.
Tell me, what would you choose,
If they’d let us buy?

Buckle shoes, bow shoes,
Pretty pointy-toe shoes,
Strappy, cappy low shoes;
Let’s have some to try.

Bright shoes, white shoes,
Dandy-dance-by-night shoes,
Perhaps-a-little-tight shoes,
Like some? So would I.

Flat shoes, fat shoes,
Stump-along-like-that shoes,
Wipe-them-on-the-mat shoes,
That’s the sort they’ll buy.

This poem on shoes I came across on


I really enjoy finding a new poem.  Reading it a few times to listen to the rhythm of the poem.  For me it does not matter that I might not know what the poet intended by the poem.  I do not need to delve into every line and stanza to enjoy a poem.


the sun
and her flowers

Rupi Kaur

this is the recipe of life
said my mother
as she held me in her arms as I wept
think of those flowers you plant
in the garden each year
they will teach you
that people too
must wilt
in order to bloom


I have enjoyed the poetry of Nuala Ní Dhomhnaill for years. This is one of my favourite

An Crann

le Nuala Ní Dhomhnaill


Do tháinig bean an leasa
le Black & Decker
do ghearr sí anuas mo chrann.
D’fhanas im óinseach ag féachaint uirthi
faid a bhearraigh sí na brainsí
ceann ar cheann.


The following is a poem which I came across in an anthology of poems. I often wonder how it would sound in it’s own language. Is there a difference between today’s language and when it was written in 619?


Flowers and Moonlight on the Spring River

Yang-Ti, Emperor of Sui Dynasty Translated by Arthur Waley

The evening river is level and motionless —

The spring colours just open to their full.

Suddenly a wave carries the moon away

And the tidal water comes with its freight of stars.





5 thoughts on “World Poetry Day

  1. ISBN 1-86448-443-8 publisher Allen and Unwin 1998 also A Little Ark Book this is the link but sadly it is out of print.


  2. I had a wonderful book that I used when I taught highschool boys. Those boys didn’t have much love for poetry but the book I discovered was one that they could really relate to. The book was called Not Quite the Man for the Job by Adam Ford. I have blogged about it before and have now done a repost.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Just read your post. This is definitely a book I want to read. Can totally understand how young boys would enjoy these poems. Thank you for the link. By any chance do you have ISBN or the publisher so I can ask my local independent book shop to order it for me.

      Liked by 1 person

    2. ISBN 1-86448-443-8 Published in 1998 Allen and Unwin Pty Ltd Australia. It also said it was A Little Ark Book.
      This link takes you to the publisher but unfortunately it is out of print.


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