Can You Overwhelm the World?



I think  we sometimes forget just how powerful the smallest act of kindness can be. It doesn’t have to be an all blazing flashing lights act.

Simply saying hello to someone whom you meet as you take your daily walk can change someone’s day.

Having the courtesy of not answering your mobile/cell phone at the check out in a shop. The person at the check out deserves that little bit of courtesy.

How about saying “thank you” a little bit more often. They are two powerful words which lead to overwhelming kindness if we all took it on board.

Although sometimes it feels as if it is only a minority of people who are showing kindness it is still powerful.

So today start the battle of kindness you just never know where it might lead to.


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I think why this is resonating with me is that I called to a travel agency a few days ago and although the agent wasn’t overtly rude the over-riding feeling I got was of being dismissed. Thinking it was only me I didn’t say anything  but on leaving a few minutes later hubby, who is generally the quietest gentlest man you would meet, said ” never again and I would definitely never recommend that travel agency. I will not be dismissed like that again”.  Wow I was taken aback.

This called for an immediate cuppa.  Well the young staff in the nearest coffee shop were the total antithesis of the travel agent and totally restored his faith in human kindness.

As my waistline, well really all of me if I am to be honest, has greatly increased in size. Sooo, I decided to join a slimming group. I have done it before but never found the groups overly friendly especially if attending on one’s own. Yesterday back after the initial week and two people engaged me in conversation. I was so delighted that they went out of their way to speak with me. It may not have meant anything to them but it made my day.

So perhaps we can all do our bit to overwhelm the world in a good and positive way. The strange thing about showing kindness towards others is that it comes back to you. So it is a “win win” situation.

Have a good day.


5 thoughts on “Can You Overwhelm the World?

  1. I love the idea of overwhelming the world with kindness. It is an act of generosity that takes little time or effort and yet, as you point out here, can make all of the difference to one’s day, and as starrcreative shared with us, to our entire lives. I even just enjoy the word – it sounds ‘kind’!


    1. Thank you for writing a comment.
      It is amazing that one simple act of kindness can be so powerful.

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  2. I absolutely loved this post! When I was a teenager having a very bad day, an old lady, a stranger approached me when I was sitting at the bus stop. She just walked over and told me that I look like a beautiful robin (I was wearing a red sweater) For some reason that moment change me forever. It felt so wonderful to hear kind words when I was feeling defeated and down and from a complete stranger! I incorporated her act of kindness into who I was and from that day on I took the time to approach people I didn’t know or did know with an unexpected but genuine compliment. Dr. Phil talks about defining moments and that was one for me. You just never know what small acts of kindness can make a difference in the moment and in the future.

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    1. Thank you so much for your comment. Wow that lady certainly made a huge impact on you. One just never knows how a smile or a sentence can inspire and turn a person’s life around.


  3. I hope you have a good day too.

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