Today is National Girlfriends Day and what a fantastic thing to celebrate. I personally think that friendship among women is something very special.

There are those friends who are only in your life for a short period. Perhaps it is during the school years or perhaps during various stages of one’s working life. They keep us going. When those friendships come to a natural conclusion that is fine. Life intervenes and to be honest I think it would be impossible to keep every friendship going.

There are the friends one meets during difficult times. They support you and then as those difficult times ease you both move on with your lives and again that is ok.

There are those friends which one meets through perhaps pastimes, hobbies, shared interest. Perhaps you only meet them during those shared interests, but they are an integral part of the enjoyment of those interests.

Perhaps you have some friends who are years or decades younger and their perspective on life adds to your knowledge as we are always learning.

I was listening to someone recently who looked on her local librarian as her friend as every two week she knows that there is going to be a new book waiting for her which will stimulate her, intrigue her or even get her riled. These books have been chosen by someone who cares and that is the definition of friendship for her.

Then again there are those friends who you may be privileged enough to have had them for twenty years or more. They have become part of the fabric of your life.  That is such a special blessing.

I have been blessed with so many gifts of friendship that I am humbled. Today I am remembering with great fondness but also with a heavy heart some friends who have died. I still go to the phone to ring them or I am just about to send them a text, or message them and even had a card made for one friend when I realise “No “they are no longer here. However, their legacy of friendship remains within my heart.

I have been privileged to have received the gift of friendship from so many.

Happy Girlfriend Day.




Friendship is everything in life, 
Life without friendship is like life without air…
Life without friendship is like eats without food
Life without friendship is like body without soul…

(excerpt from Friendship by Qistina Zani)

12 thoughts on “Girlfriends

  1. I had no idea! How cool. Thanks and Happy Girlfriend Day to You as well! 🙂

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  2. A great post about girlfriends. I have two girlfriends which I dedicate my latest book “Stop and Smell the Roses” to them. They are both rosarians and very special. We are friends for years and years. They have been there with me through thick and thin.

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    1. Thank you. It is a privilege to have have girl friends just like you have described. We are lucky to have them in our lives.

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  3. Love your reflections on girlfriends. Thanks for taking time away from your writing to visit my blog!

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  4. Beautifully written Noilin xx

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  5. Beautiful piece Noilin have a lovely day


    1. Thanks Mary. Enjoy your day also.


  6. What a wonderful and uplifting tribute to Girl Friends. Thank you for sharing, I had no idea it was National Girlfriend Day.


    1. I noticed it in a diary I received and had sent myself a reminder as it was so important. Sometimes I am organised

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