I came across this beautiful picture but unfortunately could find no refernce to the artist. So if anyone can direct me it would be great.


I also came across a quote ” when others rain upon your parade open an umbrella and carry on”..unknown

What a powerful uplifting message.

Have a good day and follow your dreams.


8 thoughts on “Smile

  1. Love the positive message of this post and the image of the girl being carried far and away from the judging crowd….if only it was that easy! Definitely a quote I’ll remember not only for myself but also my children. Thank you. 😊


    1. Thank you. Delighted that you would use it for your children. Totally agree I wish it was that easy to get away from those who judge.

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  2. That’s really a beautiful message 😊✨


  3. great imagery using my trusty brolly as a mental shield.


    1. Glad you like. Have to start using the image now


  4. Beautiful watercolour sky and image. Yes a very positive message but unfortunately I find it very difficult to “carry on” but I try.

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    1. All we can do is to try and carry on. Oh boy but some days it is so much more dificcult than others. I hope today you are able to carry on a litle easier.

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