Conversations and Meetings


There is a need for interaction, for dialogue for the sharing of ideas not just in the written word but also verbally.

In fact, I have to push myself to join a group and continue to push myself to remain within that group.  I have found that by taking on particular roles or jobs it makes me remain active within the group.  For me, there is a need to push the limits.  If those are not expanded at times then my world would shrink.  This I have learnt the hard way and the only person who can stop my world shrinking is me.  Listen I am no saint and many a time I have just remained within the environs of my home.

There are times when I have to push myself to leave the four walls of my home and go out.  Most times it is difficult and then later when I realise I have enjoyed myself I get annoyed with myself.  Talk about a vicious circle.  I don’t think I am alone.  There are many more of us who give the illusion of being at ease meeting people while all the time there is the urge to scurry away and beaver at home.

It is so much easier now to interact with people via Skype, Whats app, video conferencing, texts email, but to actually sit with someone and communicate is just in a different league.  I have been trying to work out just what makes it different and it is the human touch.  Maybe it’s giving a person a lift while having a chat.  Perhaps it is sitting opposite over a cuppa and having eye contact.  Sometimes it is that hug which can speak volumes or maybe it’s that laugh which can lift one out of the doldrums.

Have you ever found that you are in conversation with someone and they can give you an idea for another interest?  Or perhaps expand an interest you already have in a totally different direction?  Or they have a way of listening and giving a response which suddenly makes everything clear. I am blessed to have such a friend. Catherine can take my verbal musings and make things clear for me in just a couple of words. She has an amazing ability to reflect back ideas in a constructive and more importantly concise way.

Perhaps a way to make Skype and all those other electronic conversations more personal and interactive is to share a cuppa. What I mean is that each of the participants has a cup of their favourite brew while they chat. Perhaps have a small bite to eat… can you imagine the exchange of recipes which could ensue especially if the conversation was over thousand of miles.

So if you are going to meet a friend be it in person or  virtual what would be your drink and your nibble? For me it would be a big mug of coffee preferably ground Ugandan coffee beans or Malawian coffee. And to have with it…pineapple upsidedown cake (made by my husband) or lemon meringue pie.




4 thoughts on “Conversations and Meetings

  1. If I were to meet with a friend (or beloved family member) in person for a visit… a cup of hot, strong, rich mug of coffee, with my gramma’s homemade belgian waffles.

    My favorite person to visit in person with.. would be my mom 🙂 I’m so lucky to still have her “with us”, but we live a couple thousand miles away. I’m hoping things can fall into place soon where we can live much closer.

    I sure enjoy reading your posts. Thank you 🙂

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    1. Thank you for your comments. do you have a recipe for your Gramma’s belgian waffles? they are something i have never tried.


      1. I have two recipes, and both end up with the correct taste and consistency, but very dry. Each of the recipes was passed on by mouth, by my own gramma. She never seemed to use an actual paper recipe for anything. I hear one of my aunts also carries a recipe I need to try.

        So I have:
        “1 lb butter, 2 cups sugar, 4 cups flour, 9 beaten eggs, pinch salt, vanilla extract, 1/2 tablespoon baking powder, 1/2 teaspoon nutmeg. Batter should be thicker than pancake mix. Make sure waffle iron is hot. “

        My gramma was really Belgian. Born and raised. My mom was born there also, but the family moved to the states after the war (WWII) when she was 18 months old. My grampa was an American soldier.

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