Reading too fast?

Hello there


I hope you this finds you in a good place today.  We have been blessed with some beautiful Autumnal weather these last few days.  There has been heat during the day but still the smell of Autumn permeating through.  Today however, has started with a grey sluggish morning and the inevitable forecast of rain.

Have you ever misread a sentence, crossword clue, line of poetry and in doing so gone on a totally different tangent to what was intended? Ok there will be some you who will say “no” while others will say “probably” while I have to say definitely.

As you know I love journaling which in my case is actually writing in a journal not journaling as a craft.  A few years ago, I received a diary and each day there would be a thought or a suggested action.  One day it was “see a beautiful word” and it resonated with me.

At long last there was someone who actually realised that words could be beautiful: from the meaning to the sound to script in which they are written.  Even in what context they are written.  I remember years ago a teacher talking about the beauty and richness of words to convey the thoughts of each reader, but I had never come across the beauty of an actual word.  From that day on words looked totally different

Well, today I happened across that same diary.  For some reason, I found it among a folder of crochet patterns.  How it came to be there I have no idea.  Flicking through the diary I came across the thought “see a beautiful word”.  EXCEPT it did not read see a beautiful word it read “see a beautiful WORLD”!!!!!!


I fell around my craft room with the laughter.  How daft could I have been not to have checked the sentence.  How could I have made such a mistake? Honestly it made a lot of sense when I read it correctly.  Perhaps it had been serendipitous? The dropping of a letter had led me down a different path.  I have come to appreciate words.  I am generally on the lookout for unusual words and relish the sound of words now.  So, was it a waste that I had misread? Definitely not if nothing else it gave me a great laugh this morning.  I wonder if anyone else has had a good outcome after misreading a word?

Take care and look after yourself.

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