Daily Prompt: Educate


“All of life is a constant education” ….  Eleanor Roosevelt.  I came across this quote in one of my journals and it has set me thinking.  What does “educate” mean?  “To give knowledge to or develop the abilities of somebody by teaching” Bloomsbury English Dictionary.  But is education solely learning by teaching?

Andrew Carnegie said that his education came through books rather than formal education.  Is todays image of education restricted to the image of a teacher standing in front of a class or is that an antiquated image? Although there may be whiteboards or tablets in use in schools.  The school is still divided in classrooms with a teacher.  Looking at it another way by having the basics of education taught in such a way it opens up the whole world of learning and that is a wide and varied world.

I have to agree with Andrew Carnegie to a great extent.  Books are a great wealth of knowledge and in many instances a free source of education.  The Public library system and free E books can open up the world of learning.  However, I think it is when we actually realise how we as individuals learn that education comes alive.

For me I still need paper and pen to take notes to write to edit and through these steps I learn.  For others, the arrival of you tube has opened the door to another aspect of education and learning.  Watching rather than reading enables these people to learn in a way that is beneficial to them.  Even if I am watching you tube I invariably have to take notes.

Edith Hamilton an U.S.  educator and author, spoke of how little stress was put on the pleasure of learning.  A friend of mine in her 80s reads the Sunday Newspaper from cover to cover because she enjoys being up to date with current affairs but also enjoys learning about the world of which Ireland is only a small dot.  She loves to learn but also can impart that knowledge.  I really enjoy the debates we have and also the unusual snippets she has gleaned in the newspaper.  A cuppa with Peggy brings me right up to date.


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