Inspiration or Lack Of

Previously I mentioned that I love to paper craft.  However, during the last few weeks I have found that I have lost inspiration for card making.  That spark, that enthusiasm just seemed to have disappeared or at least went on holiday without leaving a replacement.  In fact, it has left me with a feeling of being in limbo and this feeling unfortunately has seeped into other areas of creativity.

So, as I was blog wandering, as one does, I came across this blog post.Painting – Tips to Trick Your Fickle Muse (

Hey Presto here was a way to get inspiration.  Although it was primarily for painting this post gave a starting point for anyone who needed a direction for their inner muse.  the last suggestion was to take a break which is exactly what I did.

This morning I woke up and realised that at 4.30 a.m.  it was still dark.  Lights on, kettle on some freshly ground Ugandan coffee and that aroma just brought a smile to my face.  A few minutes later sitting in the back garden with my hands wrapped around a warming mug of coffee it suddenly hit me.  Summer was coming to an end.  Oh yes.  now if anyone happened to be watching they would have seen a grey haired 60-year-old doing a little dance around a garden table with a mug of coffee held aloft.

I was an extremely happy bunny.  Summer was coming to an end.  No more nights that barely got going.  No more hibernating inside.  Oh yes there was so much to celebrate.   Taking my time over my morning cup of coffee I savoured the freshness and coolness of this wonderful early morning.   Coffee drunk, dance over it was time to hit a journal and make lists.  Yes, at long last I had finally found creative interest again.

A new journal and started on first list which was “presents for friends” but quickly changed that to “presents for? “.  You see I initially may set out to make a present for one person however half way through I could decide it was for someone else.  A myriad of ideas created a frenzy of writing.  I could barely keep up.  The brain was ticking over furiously.  Before I knew it, I had numerous pages filled not only with written lists but also images which I downloaded from One Note.  Those images which I had gathered when sleep had so often eluded me have been transferred into “presents for?” journal.

Looking at the journal I now think a new cover is called for.  Perhaps.  Or…then again….  so many ideas





1 thought on “Inspiration or Lack Of

  1. That bit of inspiration that comes after a dry spell, to me is the most wondrous and giddy and youthful.
    Thank you for sharing 🙂

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