While meandering and browsing poetry sites I came across this poem on https://hellopoetry.com.




Sitting, drinking tea while watching the rain come wandering down
a smile brought on by cool breeze on misted skin
steam rising from the cup in front, the fragrant herbs steeping
and cascading come memories of other times
of once close people and far away places
and endless cups of tea

No matter where i wander, be it deserts cold or mountains rugged
there are always memories of those left behind in time
bring they a smile, a grin or a tear to flow my face
i will find joy in seeing them again
even if only inside my mind
and over a cup of tea.


Tomas Denson Jan 2015









2 thoughts on “Tea

  1. Beautiful Yvonne. Very evocative. Would you mind if I used it in another post?


  2. Hi Noilin, I wrote this verse for my Afternoon Tea in aid of the five loaves, but didn’t use it on the day as I though it was to sad.

    Think of me
    While you sip you tea
    I’m the lonely man
    Who walks the roads
    For hours and hours, killing time
    Till nightfall comes
    Hoping I’ll find somewhere quiet
    to lay my head down.
    I’m so tired, you see
    please Lord, let no one bother me.


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